Outdated Web Design Ideas

The web design industry is a very fast moving one. Technology is constantly changing, mostly improving. Software changes impact on design trends. DIY options are everywhere and the speed of the internet is constantly improving, never mind small screen gadgets that require responsive sites.

Yet there are some web design ideas that are hanging on desperately and that should be given the boot right out of the door, in fact booted off planet earth never to be seen again.

Image Carousels

Although requested less frequently in 2017 it still has its hangers on. The problem is that visitors to websites no longer take time to view each slide. They are in far too much hurry to stick around to see the images slide through. No matter that people say there should be movement on the site to attract attention an automatic flip through of images with strategic messages is no longer something that grabs attention. Not enough time to wait for the slides to appear.

This ‘movement’ has been replaced with video loops in the background. People are far more inclined to watch a video. Perhaps because we are such video people now with YouTube being part of our lives it appeals more. Or perhaps because video promises a story and we want to see the outcome of it whereas product slides don’t quite do that.

Of course another problem with this is that carousel sliders are difficult to make responsive. Most of them don’t work properly on a mobile gadget. It’s certainly not worth the hassle to spend so much time on tweaking code to make that work.

Whatever the reason, image carousels are out.

Stock Photos

By now free stock photos have taken over the internet world. Web designers actually recognise them on websites, they are so ubiquitous. It’s really not a good idea for a business of any size, even sole practitioners, to depend on free images off the internet to showcase their product or service.

Spend some money on a professional photographer, and no the smartphone is not good enough, to take high quality images and you will never regret it. Your site will rise above the rest of the standard boring sites in one quick and easy move. And it’s not even that expensive. In most cases images can be recycled into printed brochures and product catalogues, banners for social media, images for sharing on Instagram or Pinterest and and more.

Great images are worth more than hundreds of word. And as you have but a few seconds to attract your visitors attention, images will more easily serve this function than hundreds of clever words. Spend the money on good photos. You won’t regret it.

Pop Ups that Cover the Page

A recent new irritation has appeared on website and that is the video ad. And you can’t get out of it or click it away. Stuck watching some random ad that you can’t escape. Besides video ads the other horribly irritation appearance are pop up forms that try to entice you to sign up for something, or try a product or just randomly irritate the visitor.

This could work on some sites perhaps but for serious visitors who want to see your product or service range it is exhaustingly irritating. Joining a newsletter should not be demanded. After all do we know that we want to read what you send out when we have just landed on your website. Rather presumptuous. Trust has to be earned, not demanded.
Hamburger Menu on a Desktop View
Clever, very clever web designers think that ‘thinking mobile first’ means that a website viewed on a desktop computer should deliver the same experience as one would have on a smartphone. Well, not quite. As much as ‘think mobile first’ is something to keep in mind with most people using their mobile gadgets to check the internet even when not mobile it doesn’t mean that the experiences should be the same regardless of screen size.

It seems to be a news agency website curse as both Time and CNN have resorted to hiding their menu behind the hamburger icon. It means that finding where you want to go to is an immediate double click away. This is quite frustrating to visitors. And it’s totally pointless really. Web designers just wanting to be clever and not caring for the User Experience.

Above the Fold

It’s surprising but regrettably true. People still ask for above the fold as a layout option. That is all information should be viewable above the fold that is without having to scroll further. However, with the popularity of such scrolling sites as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram it is now quite irritating to find a website where one can’t actually scroll down for further information and where one has to click through to inner pages to find information.

This is a most irritating way to present information. The homepage should be considered along the lines of a taster menu where all the important information contained in the website are mentioned in very short form. The user can skim through and decide what information they need more of. Rationing visitors to an image and a few lines of copy on the home page in an ‘above the fold’ design is alienating nowadays. Let it go!

Let’s move Forward!

These 5 outdated web design ideas need to be put to rest. With the change in how we view websites and with what we do so design trends have changed and there is no room to keep such outdated web design ideas alive. Let’s kick them out of the door to make room for design concepts that serve the user experience in better ways.