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Let us build websites for you or your clients, on time, on budget and responsively.

We offer a service that has many benefits to you. We develop unique page templates according to your or your clients’ specifications. We ensure the sites are developed according to tested principles of user experience. This way you know they are optimized for conversion. They are SEO ready and above all else they work on all major screen sizes. Our Europe based developers know about quality and how to deliver the right product.

Compelling Reasons to use our Divi Experts

Efficient and Time Saving

There is a perception that web design is easy. To a certain extent this is true for extremely basic websites that one might find suitable for hobbies, home based small businesses, own blogs or a non profit such as your local Guides.

When it comes to websites that need to promote professional businesses it’s most definitely a time to call in professional people. If your primary skills sets are not web design then it’s best to call in a Divi Expert. It’s not only better for your business but it’s also a lot more cost effective. Tearing your hair out trying to work out the latest technologies in web design is a waste of your time.

Expert Child Theme Developers offering off the shelf solutions

Make Money more Easily

Of course you can develop your own in-house web development team. Spend money on equipment and software, rented space, staff salaries, benefits and training and have a sales team to keep the studio busy so you don’t lose money.

But why hassle with this and taking risks at the same time. Use our ready built templates to make immediate money. Or use our Divi Experts for a quick turn around of projects. it’s much more cost-effective and your clients will love it.

A Solution to Suit Your Needs

The choice is yours. You can buy ready made templates or send through your designs for us to build. A service custom built for your convenience and according to your requirements. Of course you can also mix and match. Pick one of our great designs or request a similar one. Or just send the design and we build it for you. Quick and easy.

The Focus on Quality and not Quantity

Our templates have been crafted to the latest design trends. Our selection is curated on quality rather than mass production. This means that templates from our Divi Den or as provided custom developed by our Divi Expert will be prepared with quality in mind

Fully Responsive

Mobile Ready

It goes without saying that all our divi templates are fully responsive. We’v been building mobile friendly sites or four years already. Take the headache out of building responsive sites by using our templates or child theme sites.

Should you Call on Our Divi Help?

If you can say yes to any one or all of these questions then a chat with our friendly Divi Expert is right for you.

You want:

  • A choice of on trend sophisticated designs at affordable pricing
  • To tap into Experts who have extensive work experience with Divi
  • Expert Child Theme development off the shelf solutions
  • A cost effective support service
  • Super friendly and accommodating responses
  • Quick turn around time

Ready to get going with your first project?

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Case Study

Mike W* came to us with a problem. He had spent hours trying to get his Divi Theme to work. Although not a newbie in terms of the web design and development field, Mike was nevertheless stumped by some responsive issues with his menu (isn’t it always).

He called on our Divi Expert for help. Mike had already overstepped his deadline and was starting to feel the wrath of his client who was understandably getting irritated at the delays. Mike on the other hand didn’t want to hand over a partially completed project where he knew that the view on smartphone was not good enough. Well not according to his standards.

At this stage he felt that getting help, no matter the cost, was going to be worth it. He could possibly still keep his client happy. In particular this client had given him a fair bit of work already and a relationship moving forward would most definitely be worth keeping healthy. At this moment Mike was prepared to pay anything just to get going again.


Divi Den’s Expert stepped in right away. No lengthy waiting especially in view of Mike’s deadline that had already been left behind. Our Divi Expert checked the problem, gave Mike a cost estimate so that he would know exactly what he would need to pay and once given the go ahead delivered the rebuilt Divi Theme within the promised deadline.

Mike was over the moon. Not only had he received help quickly meaning he could easily passivise this client but the cost was well below what he had anticipated he might have to pay. At $75 per hours the fees came in at a low point. Well below other rates he had found.

But it wasn’t really only about the money at the end of the day. Being able to have a quick resolution was what truly mattered. And that he got. Needless to say Mike will be back should he have a problem again. And the next time, he promises, he won’t hassle for days trying to fix an issue himself. He’ll come straight to the Divi Expert at Divi Den. So much more cost-effective.

Mike W* didn’t mind us discussion his case as long as we didn’t give his full name. We didn’t have a problem with that!

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