3D Portfolio Divi Layout Pack

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The 3D Portfolio Divi Layout Pack

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What is the 3D Portfolio Divi Layout Pack?

This 3D Portfolio Layout Pack is a complete portfolio solution for use with the Divi Builder. It’s a full project page layout and not only a Portfolio Module. For an impactful Portfolio page use this Divi Layout Pack.

For further instructions watch the ‘How to” video below.

3D Portfolio Divi Layout

What a spectacular heading for your Portfolio page. 3D pop ups with click through to inner page portfolio item. Need to create a special impression? This portfolio Divi Layout is for creative you can impress with their portfolios. Of course also for web designer clients who work in the creative field. Photographers, furniture or jewelry designers, fashion look books or model portfolios. No boundaries to the uses of this fabulous Portfolio Divi Layout.

Features, Pricing Table, Blog posts, Contact Form and More

Add to the super funky pop up portfolio visual the rest of the page. Here you can provide info on yourself, add a pricing table, feed through blog posts and use the animated contact form. A fully interactive page for your users to enjoy.

Second Page

Great layout of portfolio items with a similar configuration of additional elements.

Of course the bonus is that you can change the copy. Use your own favourite fonts and font size to suit your own layouts. You can change the colours too and of course any icons we have used and replace the images. Swap the sections around and in general stamp your own design style on the page layouts.

You will love this 3D Portfolio Divi Layout Pack.

Please note that there are very slight variations in how the animation looks in different browsers. This is normal behaviour. It cannot be made identical due to the fundamental differences between browsers. Dare we say… “Internet Explorer” – Uhfff!.

View the video to learn how to use this Divi Layout.

NB: You will need the Divi Builder for this layout. Get it here.

Please be aware that you have to have experience in using the Divi Theme and WordPress in order to work with this layout. Support only covers bugs or issues with the product itself.

Due to the nature of Digital Downloads, Refunds are not possible for products you have purchased  – please ensure that the product you are downloading for free or buying will do the job you want it to and that you have the skills to work with it.

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Below fixes apply only for DIVI version 3.0.51 and above.  Divi updated CSS classes so we had to update our styling…

– Javascript code added to fix 3d portfolio (the code is $(‘#page-container .banner_3d_portfolio .et_pb_portfolio_grid div.project’).unwrap(‘.et_pb_portfolio_grid_items’); }

– css code added to fix pricing tables

files changed:
– code for functions.php
– 3D-Portfolio-Layout-Pack-Home-Page-CSS.css
– #MASTER-3D-Portfolio-Layout-Pack-CSS.css

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