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Introducing Webdesign Berlin

Introducing Webdesign Berlin

Introducing Webdesign 101 Berlin

Webdesign 101 Berlin is a new division of Yeah Can. Yeah Can has been a web design service provider for over five years. The main focus has been on providing webdesign and development to design studios and inbound marketing agencies specifically SEO specialists.

Moving the studio to Berlin at the end of 2015 has opened up new opportunities and Yeah Can’s new Webdesign 101 is now open for business to direct clients both English and German businesses and individual services providers.

Why would you want to use Webdesign 101 Berlin?

If your business is serious and of course it is then your web presence is serious too. It is important you select a design studio that understands how your website needs to work for you. Your website is not just a pretty presence but should be a working business tool for you. Working for you 24/7 and 365 days a year.

It is often forgotten that a website can replace a salesperson for a business. However, a brochure style website with not care taken over whether the site could ever be found is of no use to a business. Sure, you might think that your customers might not take you serious if you do not have a web presence at all.

That might be true. But there are other very cost-effective ways to have a web presence that does not involve a website. A good looking Facebook business page can do the work for you. A page on a business portal such as Xing or Yelp can be a solution. Or perhaps sign up to a portal that provides space for your profession if you are an accountant or financial advisor for instance.

You have decided your website needs to work for you?

Then you are at the right place. Of course Yeah Can can still put together a great looking brochure style website for you. But for a workable business tool a website that is designed and built right from the very beginning to bring in leads and possible sales is a better investment. And makes more sense too. Don’t spend money on something that will not bring you any ROI. Invest wisely.

Read more about “How to make your website a business tool” here.

A quick overview of our services

Webdesign and Web Development

Webdesign based in Berlin

Webdesign based in Berlin

Talk to us about your webdesign and development requirements. Whether a five page brochure site, a funky parallax look, a sales focused landing page for a product campaign, a small online shop or a website that is on page 1 of search and brings you in business every day we are happy to explore your options and advise on what would be the best solution for you.

Logo and banner design

Logo design in Berlin

Logo design in Berlin

For our web design clients we also offer a logo and banner design service. If you are starting a new business it’s usually a good idea to have a logo designed to represent your service or product.  Well designed banners for your social media accounts such as Twitter or Facebook are an excellent way to keep your web presence uniformly professional. Ensure your online look is carried through from your website through to social media, YouTube or LinkedIn. Where ever you might be visible.


Copywriting in Berlin

Copywriting in Berlin

Your website does not run on images and design elements alone. You need to tell your website users what you are about. Well written content will be good for your visitors and will make search engines such as Google realise that you are serious about your business.

Few small businesses have the luxury of in-house copywriters to develop their content. It’s best to outsource this to specialists. Whether you need copy for the new website pages, ongoing interesting articles to run on your blog to ensure fresh content or writing short messages on social media sites appointing a good copywriter is a must.

Content marketing

Content marketing for your website

Content marketing for your website

Content marketing has been around for a while but is becoming more and more important. It refers to efforts that focus on making and distributing interesting, valuable, relevant and above all consistent content in an effort to reach your target audience and ultimately persuade them to  become profitable customers. Find out more.

Get assistance with content marketing efforts to entice your customers to your website or to a landing page to encourage them to buy goods or services from you. Content is the way towards this goal. Of course there is a little more to content marketing than this. But well written copy is definitely a way towards this.

German and/or English language sites

Get your website in English and German

Get your website in English and German

For German business owners adding an English language website to their web presence can be a most important way to reach out to global businesses. Perhaps your business does not cater to a customer outside of Germany. However, with so many people moving to Germany your otherwise local business could suddenly find itself appealing to international customers.

This does not even count the numbers of expats living in Germany. There are alone +- 45 000 native English speaking residents in Berlin. This could be a fair size target market for any business. Having an English language website is therefore not an improbable business tool if you offer services to the man on the street. And if your business offers goods and services to other businesses you might still want to go with an additional English site. Customers from Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and further north all speak excellent English.

Speak to the team at Yeah Can’s new Webdesign 101 division to get your native English website. No corny translations. Promise!

Hosting and Technical support

Where to keep your website? Finding the right ‘parking garage’ to keep your website safe and sound is not always straight forward. There are thousands of hosting providers vying for your business. It’s easy to try and find the cheapest solution. However, this is one part of your business you should not skimp on.

As important as it is to have a great web site, excellent marketing around the website to bring in customers it’s just as important to have a good hosting provider. Much can happen to your website in the blink of an eye. A website that is down for whatever reason can damage your business. And it’s unlikely you will go onto your own site every day to check all is ok after all you have a lot more important things to do to make sure you business is working well.

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Working with Yeah Can has been a pleasure from start to finish. They ask the right questions, meet every deadline and the quality of their output is first class. Furthermore, they are one of the most responsive companies I have ever dealt with. I have no hesitation in recommending them and will definitely be working with them again.

Martin Twiss

Green Custard – https://green-custard.com/

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