What is copywriting?

What is copywriting

What is copywriting

It’s the art and science of writing copy (or the words) that sells your product or service and convinces your visitors to take action. The action can be to contact you, to sign up to a newsletter or to possibly become a customer by buying what your business is offering. In many ways its like hiring a salesperson to reach out to your customers.

Copy writing is most often referred to the art of creating content for web pages or print material and is also commonly used in advertising and marketing industries. Which then implies that copy is written to persuade somebody or a group that a product or service is worth investigating further.

The internet has opened the doors for a more focused copywriting approach. Writing for the web is very different from writing for other media. The web copy needs to be more to the point and succinct. And as the internet is an interactive medium copy written for a web page has to persuade more urgently than in print as visitors will click away very quickly if not engaged.

Web copy may include, among its other objectives, the achievement of higher rankings in search engines. Known as “organic” search engine optimisation (SEO), this practice involves the strategic placement and repetition of keywords and keyword phrases on web pages. As much as the copy needs to have its selected keywords present it also needs to be written in a manner that website visitors would consider normal.

Copy that is not designed to persuade is most often referred to as content.

Do you need a copywriter for your website?

copywriter for your website

copywriter for your website

Surely your secretary can slap something together that is good enough for your website? After all nobody will come to your website via search. That is often the main consideration. Many a small business person thinks that a brochure style website that languishes in obscurity is good enough. In fact many a person thinks that a website will miraculously be found and traffic will flood in without good copy or great images.

‘We need a website’. There is often no reasoning behind this. Just the idea that it is necessary to have a web presence because other businesses also have one. Most small business owners also think that their website is purely a public relations exercise. But this is a fallacy. A website can in fact be found in search.  Here is a salesperson ready to do the job 24/7 every day of the year. No leave is taken and the website stays open for business any Sunday and public holiday. An opportunity that should not be missed.

Of course a random number of words thrown together is not going to work that well. Some websites do come up for search if they have been up for several years. If your business has no competition, hardly likely, your site will come up if somebody searches for your products or services. With the vastness of the web it is unlikely that there isn’t stiff competition even for totally remote sounding business ideas.

Let’s take an example. ‘Beard Oil’. Would you think this product would have heavy competition online? Well 21 million search results do spell out some competition. Try this exercise yourself and type in your product or a product you think might be quite remote and see what pops up in search. You will be surprised.

Keywords in your copy

The importance of keywords may never be overlooked. Before any copy is written the keywords need to be determined. For some ideas on how difficult this is visit this article here.

Perform a thorough keyword search or even better use the services of an experienced SEO specialist. You or the SEO expert needs to not only identify keywords but also recommend long-tail keywords that might be easier to rank for. For instance, taking the example of ‘Beard Oil’ it might be easier to rank for beard grooming kit rather than beard oil.

A keyword search will also cover researching competitor keywords and Adword values. These all provide guidelines on what could work in your website copy.

Final copy on your Website

a copywriter will spend time researching

a copywriter will spend time researching

A good copywriter will spend time researching your business, discuss the vision you have of your business, and check websites online to get a feel for the industry in which you operate. With this information the writer will take your keywords and strategically include these in a way that indicates to Google that this is the important topic for search. At the same time the copywriter would not want to saturate the copy with the keywords making the text lumpy and difficult to read and understand.

It takes clever writing to cover all the objectives of good copy. Above all else the copy on a website needs to be engaging. Everybody’s time is valuable and in short supply. Don’t presume you can waste your visitor’s time. She will click away at the drop of a hat. So much else is vying for her time.

Good copy also needs to inform about product and services and tuck away the keywords for search in such a way that the copy still flows naturally.  And then there is the fine line between long-form copy as preferred by Google and the visitor’s attention span. It’s not easy to deliver good copy for a website!

Best not to do this yourself

How often do you hear this statement? Do not attempt this at home. Most often you hear this when some outrageously daring move is being tried out by a stuntman on TV. Surely copywriting is not that difficult and it is easy to do this at home!

Producing good copy is most definitely not that straight forward. It’s tricky. And it’s really important if you want your website deliver a Return on Investment by bringing in enquiries and sales – 24/7/365!

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