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It’s not easy to decide on a webdesigner for your business project. You know a cousin who has designed a site for a friend’s business. The brother of a friend updated your site a while ago for you. Although you aren’t that happy with it, it did only cost a case of beer. But perhaps this time you are ready to use Squarespace to throw your own site together. How difficult can it be?

Of course there is nothing wrong with learning a new thing such as designing a website. But leave that to your hobby or part time hustle project you have going that makes you some passive income.

For a business website going the cheap route is most often the ‘cheap and nasty route’. Don’t do it. If your business is a serious one and needs to represent your company and serve as a sales and marketing tool then appoint a professional studio. Designing and developing a website that works for you brings its own set of challenges that are best left to a professional webdesign agency.

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Clients Love Us

You will want to know that we do the job well and that our clients are so happy with our service that they are prepared to stick their neck out and provide us with a testimonial. We have a list of these. View some of them here.

We’ve Been Going for Some Time

Our webdesign business has been going for six years in January 2017. Starting off serving Non Profits while the team was volunteering in Vietnam and now based in Berlin we have been designing and developing websites for these number of years. One of the first design studios, or at least it felt like it at the time judging from the market reaction to this new thing, to offer responsive sites in recognition of the mobile phone’s impact on websites. Our first responsive site was designed and developed five years ago.

Our Experience Spans Many Years

In addition our lead designer has close on 20 years experience working for a range of small agencies to large ones. While at Gyro Dubai she worked on clients such as Nokia Semen’s Networks, Madinat Jumeirah, Clifford Chance and LSG Sky Chefs. In South Africa running her own agency she served Momentum Health, Nissan, Laipac Tech, Octo Promotions and Magic Mist. She completed an onsite 3 month stint at BT, UK working in eLearning.

Previous work for smaller Cape Town agencies involved design work for Botswana TV. As a first job after qualifying in Web Design Kyra worked at an eLearning company creating illustrations and animations using Adobe Flash.

For marketing advice and general business sense our Client Liaison has many years business experience as well as a few University Degrees amongst which an MBA. And our Tech Director with a background in engineering and innovation has more than six years experience working with coding staff, hosting providers and knows the ins and outs of WordPress like the back of his hand.

We Use Sophisticated Tools to Communicate and Share

Over the many years we have refined our processes to closely keep in touch with our clients in this way ensuring they are always in the loop. As a matter of course we use email to discuss concepts and explore projects.

We run the project communication via Basecamp. Documents and content is shared via Google. Designs are discussed with the assistance of prototyping tool InVision and our client websites are built on our development server. For clients with huge projects we set up a Slack channel to be even more immediately connected. And then there is Skype of course.

We make sure our clients can talk to us immediately and are able to communicate via tools that make life easier for both clients and us.

Custom Designs

Webdesign 101, as well as the mothership Yeah Can Design Studio, specialises in custom designed and developed websites. Your website will be your statement on the web. Of course this process is a little more expensive than when webdesigners grab a cheap template off the internet, drop some fresh content into it and present this for a few hundred Euors/Dollars.

Taking note of the fact that small businesses often grapple with low cash flow situations we will be offering our own custom designed and developed Off the Shelf solution from February 2017.

As an additional assurance, the website once it has been fully paid for, belongs to you the client.

Mobile Friendly

Let’s not forget responsive design. A responsive site automatically responds and resizes to allow a comfortable view of the website for different screen sizes. Check here for an interesting view of the most common sizes.

With the English speaking population using their smartphones 80% of the time they access the internet and the rest of the world catching up to this trend, no business can afford to have a website that is not responsive.

In addition Google will penalise your website on mobile search if your website does not adhere to their standards of mobile friendly design. That is if you website comes up for search for your keyword on page one on Desktop computers but is not mobile friendly you will not come up on page one on mobile search. Google downgrades you. Can you afford this?

To read more about this go here. 

WordPress Websites

Close on 75 million websites have been built using WordPress as the Content Management System of choice. And there is a reason for this. It’s super easy to learn to use it. But even more relevant is the fact that with so many users many additional and often free plug-ins are developed making it easier to build sophisticated sites at reasonable costs.

We are happy to assist clients for a small additional fee with training sessions and Skype support calls to learn how to maintain and update their own websites. We used to have this as part of our fee but have found that few of our clients want to allocate time to this which is why we reduced our fees and are now offering it as an additional service. Why pay for something you don’t want to use.

Of course for the bulk of our clients who are just too busy to want to mess with their website we offer technical support as well. We most definitely have a hands on tech support approach during the build of a website and are happy to extend this after successful hand over for a small maintenance fee.

It’s a Family Business

It just so happens that the main members of Webdesign 101, and of course parent company Yeah Can Design Studio a registered company in Charlottenburg Berlin, blend into a really solid team with all specialities and experiences complimenting one another. This means that clients deal with the same people who know them and their projects over many years. It’s easy to call or to drop an email for quick assistance after the project. It’s also easy to discuss a new project with the team who know you and your business.

Our coding team has been with us for more than two years as well. Having a reliable and stable team means we can innovate constantly to stay up to date and to build new skills. This is of huge benefit to our clients who know they will be in good hands.

Use the friendly Chat Bot to talk to us now or contact us via email to discuss your requirements.

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We’ve had the pleasure of working with Yeah Can on half a dozen different projects and they always deliver outstanding results. So much so that, whenever we need a new website or have any projects that need flawless WordPress design expertise, they’re always the top of our list.


Link to site: inktankmedia.fi

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