The Extraordinary Impact of Webdesign on Our Lives

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How has Webdesign Impacted Your Life

Think about it. What would your life be without websites which in effect means webdesigns. In fact it’s almost impossible to even imagine what life would be like without this amazing technology. Websites are part of our every day life. Whether we go to Facebook, YouTube, do a search on Google, order our groceries or check out Amazon for our fav books we use websites practically daily.

One thing is for sure, we are getting more and more impatient in the way we use the web. With so much competition out there we don’t need to put up with websites that are slow, outdated, difficult to navigate, have lousy shopping carts, navigation that is not intuitive and the list goes on. We click out within seconds.

This puts extra pressure on webdesigners who have to work to make sure that visitors stay on the site so that the message is absorbed, the products bought, the contact made and more. In fact some responsibility for traffic coming to the site also rests with the web designer. Is the site download quick, mobile friendly so that Google dishes the site up during search, the pages optimised for search and more. A good webdesigner looks after many of these elements.

Here are links to some interesting bits about webdesign, trends, even a bit about the history and more. Click on the links or check the side bar for a full list of topics. Enjoy.

The History of the Web

For a quick overview of the history of the web and webdesign check out our fun article on ‘A Super Quick Review of the History of Webdesign’. (Link to page:)  A lot will resonate and there will be some nods for sure as you remember the days of Flash animation or how a website that had not been developed for smartphones looked on your phone.

Many folk will be too young to remember the black screens, the violent luminous colours used, the horrible fonts that jumped all over the show depending on how archaic the browser was. In particular one remembers early versions of Internet Explorer giving web designers a headache. In due partly because of the fact that users were unwilling to update their browsers or operating systems. Fear of the new and unknown of course.

Even big companies had some embarrassing websites. Whether Yahoo, YouTube or CocaCola the early attempts were quite something. Google on the other hand always kept their landing page very minimalistic. Not a bad idea. Do remember though that these early adopters should be complimented for the fact that they went with such new technology. Many didn’t. In fact many smaller businesses still don’t think a website is worth spending any money on.

Read more here.

Five interesting Points about Webdesign

That article will lead you directly into ‘Learn Some Interesting Facts About Webdesign’. Five points on what webdesign is about and how it affects the way you as a user experience the website. Did you know that every browser shows the site differently? We don’t notice it because a good web designer will make allowances for the various browsers.

Or have you ever wondered why a website is designed as it is and if it actually works for you as the visitor. Is it easy to move through and find the info you are looking for or did you abandon your search within a second or two. This is one of the factors influenced by good webdesign. Sometimes a design can look fabulous but can totally block the user from finding any info.

Read more here.

Mobile Phones – A Game Changer

No thoughts on webdesign can possible exclude smartphones. Of course we now refer to smartphones as mobile phones. Which they are of course. However, the old typewriter keyboard style phones were also mobile. They just had a missing potent computer chip, a fabulous camera, a music player, touchscreen, huge memory and the list goes on. What a change the mobile phone has brought into our lives.

This has impacted hugely on the way websites have needed to be developed. Webdesigners have had to up their game by learning a range of new skills. In fact the mobile phone generation of websites are far removed from what we saw on the web even five years ago.

The speed of progress has been amazing. All because Steve Jobs brought out the iPhone ten years ago. In all fairness if Jobs hadn’t done it somebody else would have. Sooner or later. We can’t actually even imagine life without the smartphone now. It needed to be invented.

Read more here.

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